"In the metro area, more and more corporations pay just lip service to stress control. For real non-alcoholic relief, is a good alternative. This business managed by Lisa Maloney in Staten Island, is a cure for what ail's you. Contact her at the web site mentioned for a host of therapies or call 917-301-4434 to make an appointment. Swedish and Shiatsu, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy stuff, I lose track of it all, etc. Just point to one of the many certificates on the wall, and say "that one." You'll feel better. "†† --John Ares

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful massage therapy you gave my mother. My momís eightieth birthday arrived when she was in the hospital recovering from a bad fall. For months, we had been planning a large party in her honor. When she fell and broke her collar bone and eight ribs, we knew the celebration would have to wait until she came home. We couldnít even bring her a cake because she was not allowed to eat! Still, I wanted her birthday to be fun and special. I thought a massage would be perfect. I contacted the AMMA after doing some online research and you were highly recommended by the association. When I contacted you last minute to make a late hospital visit to NYU Medical Center, you efficiently made the arrangements. You gave me a good rate and made it easy for me to pay in advance using Paypal. My mom enjoyed her first-ever massage and the relief it gave her from the pain. In addition to providing expert therapy, you were soft-spoken and easy to talk to. Your pleasant demeanor made the experience so much more meaningful for both me and my mother. I really enjoyed meeting you and I appreciate your time and efforts on our behalf. Your clients are fortunate to deal with such a reliable and compassionate professional. I wish you much luck in the future. "

--Dr. Chana M. Glebfish, MD

"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Staten Island Colostomy Foundation, Inc. for the volunteer work you have provided and continue to provide. Your affiliation with the Staten Island Community Hospital has been an honor. I would like to add that you are an excellent speaker and your presentations have benefit patients and family members that join these events "--Theresa Alessi, Ostomy Department, S.I. University Hospital

"I have been a regular client of Massage2Wellness since May of 2005 when I first met Ms. Lisa Maloney at the Staten Island MS Walk. Massage2Wellness volunteered their time and energies for the benefit of those walking to raise funds for MS research. I and many others were impressed with the quality of care provided by the therapists. I have since continued to use Massage2Wellness on a regular basis. Ms. Maloney is a highly credentialed therapist who utilizes a variety of established therapeutic procedures such as shiatsu, hot stone and aromatherapy - to name a few. The approach taken and therapy selection are specifically chosen for each client's unique needs. I regard her services to be vital to my overall plan of healthy management created with my physician who greatly approves the incorporation of massage theapy for stress relief and overall well-being. I highly recommend Lisa and her Massage2Wellness team to anyone looking for a truly professional and caring massage/physical therapy provider. I really enjoyed meeting you and I appreciate your time and efforts on our behalf. Your clients are fortunate to deal with such a reliable and compassionate professional. I wish you much luck in the future. " --Louis Nunez

"Lisa is a pleasure to work with. She is trustworthy, dependable, and always does what she says she will, promptly and professionally. She also has a compassionate heart, which is an essential quality in a good healer. " --Dr. Victoria Smith

"Just wanted to say thank you for the massage you gave me last week. I'm still amazed that you were able to get all of the tension out of my shoulders, plus my back and shoulders still feel great a week later! I was very impressed with your professionalism as well as your knowledge of the body's muscles even down to the points of origin and attachment. I can't wait to come back. "

--Rebecca Greco

"Lisa, A BIG thank you for my angel of mercy! I so appreciate your care and concern for me these past few weeks following my surgery. Those "MAGIC HANDS" of yours work wonders and well as all your creative ways in helping me help myself when I am alone. You always gave me good advice and certainly speeded up my recovery time! Its great to have friends you can depend on when the going gets tough. "--Laurie Syvertsen

"Just a note of thanks for the wonderful job you did the other day. I cannot believe how one massage could do more for me than weeks of physical therapy. I have better range with my shoulder than I had since the operation months ago. I have a lot more mobility all around. I guess when one is hurting in one area it is compensated in the other. But thanks to your healing hands I feel better than ever. I will call you soon to schedule another appointment. May your practice prosper as you help others return to wellness. "--Maureen McAllen

"Lisa, at offered her services to me as a thank you for my earlier help. She arranged a convenient place to meet, and right away, I knew that she did that in order to accommodate my needs rather than hers. I had a session arranged for after work but earlier enough to get me home in plenty of time to join friends for dinner. Fortunately, for me, I was very relaxed and feeling my best when I met my friends, some of whom needed her services ASAP. Lisa is a very conscientious and knowledgeable massage therapist. She learned early on that I had several physical problems that alerted her as to the type of massage she would or would not give. She expressed a thorough knowledge of my particular aliments and shared what could happen if she did a deep massage on my body. I was grateful that she shared this information because if she just went ahead as she would with somebody free of my physical problems, I would have suffered with pain afterwards. She even knew information that I didnít know, so I left with more knowledge then when I came. The massage itself was incredible. Every part of my body felt renewed. In all the massages that I have had, Lisaís massage was top of the line. She will continue to be my massage therapist, for those times when I need it. "††

--Shirley Sergent

"I have gone to you on three separate occasions to relieve various pain and pressure in my back and neck area. I was immediately impressed with your knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and the time you took to speak with me and understand where my problem areas were. You are an extremely qualified therapist in both your knowledge and technique, and I would feel extremely comfortable seeking out your services for both rehabilitative and relaxation purposes. Youíre the best. "--Michelle McCabe