Canine Testamonials


"Thank you for sponsoring Boomer at the Monmouth County SPCA's Pet Walk again this year.  Close to 2000 people and over 500 dogs participated in the pet walk and over $110,000 was raised for shelter animals.  Boomer raised over $7,000 and won first prize for "The Most Pledge Money Collected".   The proceeds from the pet walk will help care for the cats, dogs and other small and furry animals being cared for in the shelter, as well as other programs offered through the MCSPCA.  Each year, more than 3,000 animals are cared for at their shelter located in Eatontown, NJ.  There are now over 100,000 alumni - adopted pets - who owe their good fortune to the MCSPCA. Through the Humane Education Department, MCSPCA offers many programs to students in Monmouth County designed around topics such as responsible pet ownership, understanding the needs of pets, the role of an animal shelter in the community and many other topics.  Monmouth County SPCA volunteers and their Pet Therapy pets visit thirty nursing homes a month.  Lisa, as you can see, your generous donation will be used to care for the animals as well as help teach kids about animals, bring joy to many residents living in local nursing homes and other programs offered at the MCSPCA.  Thanks for taking the pictures at the pet walk.  I sent copies to everyone who sponsored Boomer and your pictures received rave reviews. "  --Maureen J. Bedard


"Lisa has a warm caring way about her that immediately put my dog at ease.  Runt wasn’t the most outgoing of dogs, but when Lisa gave him a massage, to ease his 19 year old aching bones, he was relaxed, comfortable and seemed to really enjoy it.  She even came up with a creative idea on how to help him walk more comfortably that was virtually cost free! " --Ellie Lavi


"I would like to express my utmost thanks to Lisa Maloney who has been an incredible help for the last five years with taking care of my dog Nicky.  Lisa has been a great help many times during the time I had Nicky with me when I needed someone to take care of him.  I always felt that when I went on vacation, Nicky went on vacation too.  Lisa would take him out for many walks, play with him for hours and tons of love.  I can always count on Lisa for at a moment’s notice.  The many times that she would come over and stay with Nicky when I had to go away on a business trip.  Lisa has the keys to my house, which made it easier for me if I had to stay at work late and couldn’t get home to Nicky on time.  Now I have a new puppy, Benji and it is the same service from Lisa.  She is always able and willing to take care of my puppy when I am in need to work late or go to a party. I highly recommend Lisa to take care of your dog.  I wouldn’t know what to do if Lisa’s wasn’t so dependable and always happy to help.  She has been a tremendous asset to have in my life.  I can always tell my dogs had fun because they were so tired after a day or week with Lisa.  I knew that Nicky and Benji have had a wonderful time because they go right to sleep when I picked them up.  It is so wonderful to have someone who you can depend and trust with your dogs.  It isn’t easy to find reliable help these days, but you can always count on Lisa to come through. " --Nilsa Marin