Seated on-site massage:  A simple, rewarding and cost-efficient tool for workplace stress management




Seated on-site massage

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“[Job stress] is estimated to cost U.S. industry a staggering $200 billion a year in absenteeism [and] health costs.”


– from a recent article in The New York Times headlined “Work Stress Taking Larger Financial Toll” Once viewed as a novelty, seated massage has become an increasingly common sight at locations ranging from retail stores, to street fairs, to medical offices. Forward-thinking corporations quickly saw the potential of this unique type of massage for on-site stress management, recognizing it could more than pay for itself in decreased absenteeism, higher productivity, and improved morale.


Where to turn to for those practitioners who had the expertise and training to deal with the special issues of stress in the workplace? Obviously not every massage therapist with a chair is equally qualified to maximize these benefits for you as an employer.



About Lisa Maloney and seated on-site massage:


Lisa Maloney is a New York State Licensed Massage and National Certification Specializing in Therapeutic massage.  She provides treatments designed to aid clients well being and is deeply committed to helping people.  She brings to your company a unique combination of massage expertise, in-depth experience in the complex and varied issues involved in workplace stress, and her understanding of the “total person” who is your employee.



About the massage session:


The recipient is seated (fully clothed) in a forward leaning, state-of-the-art massage chair. In this position, all of the muscle groups needed to support the body throughout the day are able to temporarily relax while receiving the massage treatment. The areas of the body that are most likely to suffer the effects of workplace stress are given expert attention, including the neck, head, shoulders, back, lower back, arms, wrists and hands. Each massage is about twenty-five minutes long, although this can vary depending on logistics and schedules.


The massage session directly addresses the effects of extended computer and telephone use, repetitive motion, poor posture and work demands – all of which can put a tremendous amount of strain and fatigue on both body and mind. At the end of the session, the massage recipient typically experiences a feeling of rejuvenation, recharging, freedom of movement and a general sense of improved well-being. In addition to these immediate benefits, the long-term effects of repetitive and cumulative strain and fatigue can be significantly diminished.



Re-educating both body and mind:


Recipients are given a general overview of how posture and alignment in the workplace can be modified to reduce the harmful effects of bad habits. General questions about the physical anatomy and structural relationship of muscles, bones, nerves, circulation etc. are answered, leaving the client with a better understanding of how stress affects the body and mind.


Appropriate educational handouts can be provided, such as postural tips and simple stretches that can be used to reduce the build up of stress effects. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of these sessions though, is the mental/emotional effect. Recipients are left with a profound feeling of improved wellness and comfort – immediately creating a new lens through which they experience their day. Feeling good physically becomes the foundation for being in top form mentally. Upon returning to the work routine after a short stress-break massage session, recipients report a marked increase in patience and compassion with situations, co-workers, customers, and even with themselves. This contributes to an upward spiral of cooperation and positive-oriented thinking, behavior and ways of relating, instead of the potential downward spiral of tension, stress and fatigue.



How to get started:


Contact Lisa Maloney to schedule a demonstration of this innovative approach to on-site Stress Management, and learn how easily on-site massage can fit into your existing health or wellness program.



Lisa Maloney LMT